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Solo Women Travelling and Vibrant Living

Floating Market BangkokI read a quote recently that said “to mature is to go on changing endlessly”. I easily see that maturation process happening in my sons lives. Eventually they will reach a stage where they are considered ‘mature’. So does that imply that they no longer need to ‘go on changing endlessly?” Rhetorical question.

I think when we grow through our teen years, we are acquiring new skills at an incredible rate. In the next stage we settle into acquiring only the necessary skills to get by. In the stage that follows that, we actually resist acquiring skills. We get comfortable and capable in our own environment.

Most people, around 50 years old, start to recognize a vague ennui that starts as a slow eruption from the core of your soul. Easy to ignore at first. Maybe not so easy to ignore as the years roll by. It becomes a fairly urgent call, and eventually requires that you take some action. But what action do we take?  What to do with this mellifluous murmur from your heart.

When you feel your life has lost its vibrancy.

When you have nothing to challenge you.

When the things that do challenge you are distasteful.

When you have not felt the exhilaration of taking on a challenge and growing as a result of that challenge.

When the days roll by without real engagement. Just a repetitive day-to-day mediocrity.

That feels just okay but there is no excitement, nothing new, nothing that creates growth and vibrancy.

Trying new things each day was the start of an amazing journey out of my comfort zone. Every day for a year, I was committed to trying something new. Big or small. Fast forward five years and I am no longer working, I am travelling extensively and I am feeling the absolute vibrancy in my own life.  The small things led to bigger things and the confidence that comes from trying and succeeding at the new things can be exhilarating and self-propagating.

I, who have carefully planned every minute of my life, am travelling with an open agenda. So I can enjoy the places that call me and move with the people who inspire me.

On this trip I have been to England, Croatia, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam….so far. When I leave Vietnam, I will go to the islands off the coast of Thailand, I think.

It seems though, that I am not alone in this desire to taste what the world has to offer. There are numerous amazing, vibrant women out here travelling, many solo, some with a friend, but all of them responding to the call of something that might wake up their soul. Travel could be a catalyst to move into the next stage of our growth. (There are other ways to make this happen but travel was the choice of these women.)

And we seem to find each other easily and everywhere. I have met amazing women in the place I stayed in Bali (Australian and Canadian living in China)…. on the flight from Bangkok to Cambodia (Canadian)….. on a Floating Market tour in Bangkok (Brazilian) and  more. Maybe because we are older and maybe more vulnerable as solo travelers, we remain open and ‘real’, with none of the accoutrements of our life to date, that identify or classify us. Relationships are stripped of all the posturing and they become intensely rewarding connections with people who live the same but different lives.

It is life changing and rewarding.


Exciting and real.

P.S. An inspiring addendum. Don’t miss this.

It would be unforgivable not to mention a group of Yorkshire (U.K.) men, about my son’s ages, who inspired me to reach past my limitations on this trip also. At Angkor Thom in Cambodia, I was climbing the temple and had reached the final level.  I wished to go to the top, but was quite intimidated by the fact that the stairs were very narrow and slanted and there was nobody going there. I handed my camera to one of the boys and asked him to take a photo for me at the level we were on. He invited me to come to the top with them and take the photo there. In a spontaneous moment (that ignored the limits of my health insurance), I started to climb. And I have the photos to prove it!

It was an inspirational moment where I clearly limited myself and then went past that limit. Afterwards, I thanked them for inviting me along and going past my own fears. And the tatted 20 year old from Yorkshire said to me….”you should do something like that every day”.  Amazing.



  1. Hi Kelly….very nice, “You should do something like that every day.” that says it all :-)

    • Kelly says:

      Isn’t that amazing…from a twenty something. I cannot remember being so philosophical when i was twenty something. Thanks for coming by Kathy. Always great to see your comments on my blog and to know that you are reading what I write.

  2. DJan says:

    How wonderful! I am so glad you climbed that temple to the top. And having met the guru who started you on this journey, a tatted twenty-something! You have reminded me that the inspiration for one’s life is not limited to those who are our age or look like us. :-)

    • Kelly says:

      Isn’t that true. From the most unlikely places comes wisdom! You said it best…the package does not always tell us what is inside.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Love just knowing that you are out there.

  3. nancytex2013 says:

    Pushing past your fear and making it to the final level…magical!

  4. Almina M. Gouthro says:

    Kelly..I just found your Blog…..and I found it so encouraging. I am ready now to make positive changes in my life since my best friend for 53 years has passed away. I hope to make each day a full day and not to continue as life was. Now is the time to do what I want to do when I want to do. It will not be as interesting as what you are experiencing but hopefully I can make some changes. Thank you for sharing your travels.

    • Kelly says:

      I am so sorry to hear. But great for you that you see the potential for a new life where you can seek out the things that make you sing again. Trying New Things is a state of mind…it does not have to be world travel but rather just stepping out of your comfort zone to add new zest to how you live your days. It is discovering the things that make you smile again.

      You will make changes because you want to make changes. As simple as that. I wish you peaceful, happy days.

  5. MW says:

    Wow, you have covered a lot of territory! I’d love to hear more about the travel logistics, the places that really grabbed you and see some of your photos when you get the chance.

    • Kelly says:

      It has truly been an amazing trip so far. Nice that you would wish to see my photos.Maybe I will post a photo album of my travels on a sidebar. Thanks for the great idea MW. I will make it happen as soon as I get back!

  6. PCgal says:


    We limit our growth only to the extent that we are unwilling to lean on the boundaries we create for ourselves. You have no limits! Thanks for including us on your journey. Suzanne

    • Kelly says:

      Nicely said. We really do create our own cage….sometimes the cage feels good and comforting and other times it keeps us from reaching new heights.

  7. A wistful smile upon my face, I find inspiration in your story and this bubbling excitement that has been growing within me. I am almost 39 1/2 and can’t wait to turn 40. It seems as if every step away from the mania of youth I transcend toward my truer self. Cheers to you (and the Yorkie who figured it out at 20!).

    Laugh hard. Love strong. Live to serve.

    Kimberly Crawford

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Kimberly. Thanks for coming to my blog…how great that you see inspiration in my words. You are so right that “every step away from the mania of youth” is a great one. Well said!

      I cannot remember ever feeling quite so comfortable in my own skin as I do now. And I really did not notice it as it happened.

      I read a couple of your posts on your blog too and I thought they were beautifully insightful into the mom years and how crazy those years can be. And they are also the years where you forget about your own needs while you take care of everyone else.

      But your turn is coming and when it does, it is that much sweeter for having made the journey through the middle years.

      And now that my sons are grown and on their own they are great people to hang out with, so once again the investment is totally worth it!

      • Thanks for checking out my blog :) it has been such a start/stop affair, but I find it nurturing the creative part of myself that needs to be expressed in order to be a better human being; a better mother/spouse.

        It is great to hear that you enjoy your sons and appreciate them for the men they have grown to be. I know that time will come almost too soon for me. I spy glimpses of their future selves peeking out at me from time to time and I can’t help but smile in wonder.

        My goodness Kelly, what a wonderful adventure life is! Thanks for reminding me that my turn is around the corner :)

  8. Elena Levon says:

    wonderful site and great words )

  9. Hi Kelly! In 2005 i spent a month in Rome, alone. It was a fantastic experience, and a dream come true. I also recommend traveling solo! And traveling, period, regardless of how. Just returned from 3 weeks in India and can’t stop blogging about it. Travel is the best gift you can give yourself. Nice post! /Carol

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Carol. That is amazing that you spent a month travelling in Rome solo! I love to meet other women who travel solo. I was actually quite nervous to go as this was my first solo trip. But next time, I will not be afraid because I know now that there is nothing to be afraid of.

  10. Nice to meet you, Kelly! I am looking for these vibrant women who like to travel. I love to travel, and I especially love to dive. I will be in Thailand in March, after a dive trip I plan to stay on a week or so. I will look forward to hearing about your adventures! I’m trying to figure out what to do after the dive boat.

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